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In order for kids around the world to take their place in the Body of Christ, the Body needs to integrate them through training and a recognition of their great faith.

This site welcomes prayer mentors and kids who have a heart to pray God's Word and lead in prayer.

To help you, we offer a revolutionary curriculum to help make any kids prayer ministry a success. This is a work of love and we hope to see it grow beyond our wildest dreams.

Receive everything you need to help you get started in this vitally important ministry.

May Jesus bless you all!

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  Shekinah Kids
"Shekinah"  is the glory of God 
. . . wouldn't you like to see the glory of God shining through your kids prayer group?

Testimonial From A.C.
"Kids Prayer Leader"
Are you interested in starting a kids prayer ministry in your local church? Then finding
out more about the Shekinah Kids curriculum may be a great place to start. What’s so revolutionary about this curriculum? It’s durability, ease of use and kid friendly activities.

After setting out the Scripture Prayer Cards, pens and "paperwork", students are trained to be self-motivated and work with each other to obtain literally THOUSANDS of points in a race.

As a mentor, I don’t do much more than facilitate and keep an eye on the kids.We’ve veen using this curriculum now for nearly 18 months and the kids are still enjoying it. They are just now catching a glimpse of the possiblity of learning "all" the scripture prayer cards.Parents have been taking notice for the past six months and in the past three months, my Shekinah Kids group has been invited to pray in "Big Church" once a month!
The children's prayer ministry, begun by A.C.: www.kidsprayer.com

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